“Where to start when beginning a new, challenging, and exciting journey?
My answer is FROM US!
There are certainly so many operative aspects to talk about but I strongly desired this time together especially to know each other, laugh, joke, and find energies together that will make a difference in building something important together. This is my starting point and I hope this meeting will represent an important moment for all of you. I have asked you (David, Giovanna, IlariaB, IlariaI, Maria, Valentina) to participate as the European team and you (Liliana and Manuel) as area managers in Italy because I am sure that the contamination between Italy and Europe will bear wonderful fruits. We have so much to learn from each other and a moment together is the first step. I look forward to hugging you


There will be no structured agenda. The days will be wonderful blank sheets of paper to be filled in day by day, starting from your needs and desires. Some of you may set aside time for a walk, others to clarify doubts about internal processes, others to share possible Italy-Europe collaboration scenarios…and so on!
I would really like each of you to experience this as you see fit. Personally, I have made sure that there will be enough food and I am happy to tell you that there will be food at least 3 times a day! I think this is a great starting point.

Here below you can find the general program

DAY 1 – 28/01
h. 15.00 – Welcome
h. 20.00 – Dinner
Overnight stay

DAY 2 – 29/01
h. 08.00 – Breakfast
h. 13.00 – Lunch
h. 20.00 – Dinner
Overnight stay

DAY 3 – 30/01
h. 08.00 – Breakfast
h. 13.00 – Lunch
h. 20.00 – Dinner
Overnight stay

DAY 4 – 31/01
h. 08.00 – Breakfast
h. 13.00 – Lunch
h. 18.00 – Greetings and end of activity


Remember: we have called it “Camp” and not just “Meeting.”
Noveis is a small valley (1000 mt.) with seven rural lodges around a small stream, disconnected from the town and from what we usually consider normal.
So this means that:

Water comes from streams and underground springs; 

Wood stoves and fireplaces only give heat (apart from wine, of course…); 

Some electricity is present in the main houses, produced by photovoltaic panels, but not in the smallest ones; 

Connectivity is present only on the East side of the valley

Finally, we will leave cars on the road, and then there is a short downhill path that leads to the valley.

Anyway, don’t worry: it takes a maximum of 5 minutes by foot to cross the valley and pass from one to the farthest lodge. And the lodge with the meeting room is reached by all the services.
Rooms are comfortable and have different arrangements with single, double, multiple, and bunk beds. All of them have shared bathrooms. Depending on the weather (snow, ice, and so on), we will decide which lodges have to be open, so we need a bit of flexibility: please indicate any preference in the form.
Temperature can stay under 0° so take with you camp boots or similar, a windbreaker, hat, gloves, and the typical warm and comfortable mountain dresses.
Consider using a backpack or a sports bag, which is better than a trolley.
If you need any more information or suggestion, please get in touch with